to be disclosed... but sneak peek:
  • technical leading, team leading
  • 20 years frontend development (angular, html, css, js, php)
  • 15 years sysadmin (linux, virtualization, automatization)
  • 5 years dba (mainly oracle + mssql, some mysql + postgresql)
  • few years of desktop software development (delphi)
  • starschema ltd - 5 years (biggest data company in the country)
  • t-systems - 5 years (enterprise services)
  • others (kravtex, pentatrade, etc)
Confident and experienced: with this technology I can achieve what's achievable.
I know what this technology is about, able to understand context, tooling and effort. Experience is usually long-term but shallow.
I have strong experience in this, but I used it long ago to forget nuances. I need a few weeks to get up to speed again.