(web) dev
Reactive SPAs with Angular 2-10, NGRX
NodeJS, Socket.IO, PrimeNG, Material
OOP, MVC, jQuery, Bootstrap, UX
Frontend Technical Leader
5+ year of database administration
Oracle Certified Associate
MSSQL and Oracle HA solutions
Operation, implementation, tuning
MENSA member
Storage, backup, monitoring
Scripting, automating
Linux system administration
Virtualization (XEN)
Building networks
SW development in Delphi
Tinkering with hardware
Windows power user

(Web) Dev

Reactive SPAs with Angular 2-10, NGRX
OOP, MVC, jQuery, Bootstrap, UX
NodeJS, Websocket


Storage, backup, monitoring
Scripting, automating
Linux system administration
Virtualization (XEN)


5+ year of database administration
Oracle Certified Associate
MSSQL and Oracle HA solutions
Operation, implementation, tuning


Building networks
SW development in Delphi
Tinkering with hardware
Windows power user


Personal information

Location: Hungary, English skill: see below

I've been taught when those were "directories" and not "folders"

Once I had a Commodore 64 which I used not just for gaming but for coding as well

The first OS I played with was MS-DOS 6.0. though I switched to Windows '95 soon after.

I attended a Doom 2 competiton and we often organized LAN parties.

I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke and ain't live with drugs. I like coffee for the taste, it is not required for booting.

Personality: ISTP-A (6-7% of the population)

I'm a member of MENSA.


6 years grammar school - math and computer science

6 years high school - math and computer science

4 years university - computer science

since then learning is a daily task

Jobs / workplaces

- chronological order, starting from 2002 -

Pentatrade Trading Ltd. - 1 year, software developer
Delphi 7, MSSQL 7-2000, ERP development + integration, #firstjob

Integris Computersystems Ltd. - 2 years, database administrator
Oracle 9i-10g RAC, OCA, Oracle Applications 11i (E-Business), MSSQL 2000-2005 Cluster, scripting, automation, monitoring, #outsource

Kravtex Trading Ltd. - 6 years, system administrator
Xen hv, linux, iptables, apache, php, mysql, samba, domain, ldap, nat, vpn, sso, bash, #do-all

Webdraft Services Ltd. - 13 years (as second job), web developer
Apache, php, mysql, perl, css, html, jquery, bootstrap, responsive, angularjs, socket.io, hosting, git, nodejs, #web

T-Systems Hungary Ltd. - 3 years, database administrator
Oracle 10g-12c RAC, OCP, Oracle Applications 12i (E-Business), MSSQL 2008-2014 Cluster, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Powershell, ServiceNow, JIRA, ITIL, #outsource

Starschema Ltd. - (current job) senior front end developer / front end tech leader
Angular 2-10, rxjs, ngrx, Rally, Scrum, Confluence #frontend


I've started software development about 20 years ago. My goal is to learn a new language or big tool every year. These are I gained experience with:

Javascript (+node.js, +TypeScript w/ Angular), PHP (+HTML +CSS), Pascal, Delphi, Pawn, Assembly (x86), Powershell, Perl, Java, C++

I first installed linux 15 years ago and have a dedicated server since then. I use it for hobby and testing purposes. Used tools:

Apache, MySQL, Xen, Docker, IPtables, Postfix, Dovecot, Samba, PowerDNS, LDAP, Bind9, Dhcp, Squid, Syslog-ng, OpenVPN

A bit more than 13 years ago I started working as a database administrator. There was a slight break, so my actual experience is about 5 years. Technologies and products:

Oracle 9i-10g-11g-12c, MSSQL 2005-8-12-14, MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 9

Also, there are things which can't be versioned or categorized, like:

  • I lead a team of front end developers and mentoring the wider staff of our projects
  • I have a strong interest in gaining experience in UX and product design
  • I can learn a new language to a profitable level in 3 months
  • I know how things work in medium enterprises regarding networking, backup and maintenance
  • Once I decrypted a game's protocol (HLDS) and an e-mail application's encoded data files
  • I can build webshops and web pages
  • "get things done"
  • "wannabe architect"
  • "analytical thinking"
  • "good problem solving skills"


I was the front end leader of two different appliactions made for and built on Port of Los Angeles container traffic tracking.

I played a significant role in a migration project where we relocated 600 Oracle and MSSQL database from an ICT provider to our infra.

My team took care of an MSSQL upgrade project from version 2012 to 2014, consisting 20 HA instances for the biggest public transportation company in the country.

As a 3rd level technical advisor I helped market leading finance and insurance companies to get over non-trivial technical issues with databases.

Once I was a part of a security hardening project in the role of planner and executor.

I created a database handover guide from implementation to daily operation inside the company.

Took care of daily routine tasks at database administration and operation.

Database consolidation of hundreds of databases at the biggest car manufacturing company in Hungary (both Oracle and MSSQL).

Built an ETL bridge between an archived MPE/iX database and Oracle 9i for the same company.

Guest instructor at Széchenyi University in the topic of Xen and Xenserver virtualization technologies.

I created the full IT infrastructure for the market leading bus manufacturing company from scratch (still running after 10 years): file sharing, domain administration, authentication, SSO, VPN, backup, firewall, etc.

Developed an ERP system with the team for a local grocery wholesale company.

I was part of the college network administration team: 500 endpoints, 10 network devices, 3 servers.

Under the name of Webdraft Ltd. I created a lot of webshops and web pages for local businesses.

This CV is a project itself.



Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, software developer faculty

Driving license (category B) (+ own car, an Alfa Romeo actually)

Mid-level english certification (altough I gained more experience since then)

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Database 12c - In progress


Mountain biking occasionally

Relaxing by playing FPS games or just coding for fun

I listen to a lot of music

There is a twitter profile about me, I have a blog and some portfolio about web works

Where am I useful?

I'm a front end team leader at my workplace right now. We are working in scrum to deliver projects for my company's cilent. I lay down the technical foundations of our projects.

My earlier job was database administrator, where I took the on-call schedule every 5 weeks. I was often involved in out of hours and weekends maintenance.

For my pet projects I'm operating a physical private server with virtualization on it (Xen). My second job is to help local businesses creating their web appearance, sometimes with webshops.

Talking about pet projects: there is a lot of them. My github account holds some but I have even more offline: decentralized monitoring/diagnostics system in node.js, counter-strike server and plugins, desktop applications, protocol decoding, true type fonts, etc. so it is a wide range of IT projects.

Get in touch with me

Thank you!

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